As boys, Chris & Joe Alberino wanted nothing more than to spend evenings with their hardworking father, Joseph Alberino Jr., at the family’s bakery, Alberino & Sons, in Troy, New York. They simply loved creating—the mixing of sugar, flour, eggs, etc. elated them, sparking a passion that has yet to fade. But after trying their hands at different recipes and assisting in the production of baking delicious, fresh bread, the young boys would often become tired after just a few hours, taking slumber inside breadboxes with aprons as blankets. Perhaps it was then—as they slept amidst the aroma of fresh baked bread—that the dream of one day having their own bakery began.

In 2006, that dream became a reality with the opening of The Cookie Factory. Following in the footsteps of their grandfather, father, and uncle, who operated Alberino & Sons back in the 60’s, Chris and Joe embarked on their own business venture (also in Troy). Though the brothers wanted to take it a step further and do something a bit different with their bakery (hence the focus on cookies), they never lost sight of the great Alberino family tradition: producing quality baked goods that are fresh every day.

While Chris and Joe Alberino now offer their customers a vast variety of baked goods in addition to their famous cookies, one thing remains the same: the quality. Every day, the Alberino brothers strive to provide their customers with quality baking that their father and grandfather would proudly stand behind.

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We're a family run business dedicated to keeping the tradition alive! Together with our staff, we strive to deliver an amazing, traditional, bakery experience.

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